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Alex Birlo at 5:42 am

Valve Clarifies What Was Said About Epic Exclusives

We all remember the shock of the day when it all began, the streak of exclusivity deals with the Epic Games Store. And the first of the big deals was Metro Exodus in January of this year. A lot of things have been said since then, and the argument continues on whether the actions of […]


Alex Birlo at 10:12 am

Epic Games Face Class-Action Lawsuit for Personal Data Security Issues in Fortnite

Up until now all everyone was focusing on – when it comes to Epic Games – is their business practices and the poor quality of their digital store. But this time major news came up hitting Epic Games from another direction. They are being sued as a result of the quality of their cybersecurity. What […]


Alex Birlo at 8:48 am

EA Lost 16.5 Billion Dollars in Stock

Around July last year, EA had its stock price around the highest point ever. It was near 149 USD per share, but from then it was only in decline. As I am writing this, Electronic Arts’ stock price is at 89.55 USD per share. Which is a crazy decline of over 37%, this amounts to […]


Alex Birlo at 4:09 pm

SONY About Marketing the PlayStation 5

The Wall Street Journal has recently released an article with some information regarding how SONY is going to treat their next console and how they will be positioning it. The information is based on the words of two anonymous SONY officials and what was recently published or stated officially by the company representatives. “PS5 – […]


Alex Birlo at 1:59 am

Google Stadia

Google Stadia “The Future of Gaming” Just recently Google announced their long-awaited streaming console “Google Stadia” and dropped a lot of information regarding the games that will be available on it, how it works and what are the release plans, so let us dive right in! How it works The game you play itself will […]


Alex Birlo at 8:29 am

“Steam Vs. Epic”

Let us finally talk about the “PC war” that began almost four months ago. The aggressive attempts of the EPIC games store to gain market share, over the giant that is Steam.