Alex Birlo on April 28, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2 & Ghost of Tsushima – Release Date Update

In a short statement over on the PlayStation Blog, SONY announced the release dates changes for two big exclusive releases that were kind of shaky during the last months due to the COVID-19 outbreak – Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us Part 2” and, my personal favorite, Sucker Punch’s “Ghost of Tsushima”.

Updated Release dates

Earlier in April “The Last of Us Part 2” was delayed indefinitely due to many circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was originally set to release in May, but now thanks to “an ease in the global distribution environment” SONY announced that it will come on June 19-th.

Alongside this, SONY firmly reassured all the players that “Ghost of Tsushima” will be releasing the month after – on July 17-th.


All in all, the delay for The Last of Us is thankfully not that big and my most anticipated game of the year – Ghost of Tsushima – is also on track. In this time of uncertainty, when we all are stuck in quarantine and new game releases and events are being delayed or canceled altogether, it is nice to have some good news like this.

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