Alex Birlo on June 12, 2020

PlayStation 5 Reveal

Sony is officially in the race for this new generation of consoles! Yesterday they hosted a live stream where they finally revealed the console and showed actual gameplay for titles that we can expect for the PS5.

So now, let us have a short look at the new console and some of the show’s highlights.

The PlayStation 5

We finally know what the new console will look like! And the most important take away is that the console will come in two variations – with and without a disc drive.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

One of the show highlights was a trailer for an apparent expansion to the wildly successful Spider-Man game of 2018 made by Insomniac Games.

All we saw was a nice trailer showcasing in-engine graphics that impreses and gets our hopes up for the future generation of games.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is returning with a new full game for the next generation of consoles. We saw some great gameplay demonstrating yet again all the beauty of next-gen consoles.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

This game series is near and dear to my heart and it makes a spectacular entrance into next-gen with a solid showcase of gameplay and instant-loading features of the PS5. The architecture of the system will allow players to almost instantly transfer from one planet to an entirely new one thanks to how quickly the levels load!

Sackboy A Big Adventure

A continuation for the “Little Big Planet” series will also release for the PS5 looking better, bigger, more complex than ever before – and this time it will be in all 3 dimensions.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

My personal favorite of the showcase. A game that looks as if you would have PIXAR animate a studio Ghibli anime but it is all a video game!

The game will see the players venturing through a majestic world filled with magic and spirits. All while taking part in quick-paced combat alongside amazingly cute spirits whom you will save along the road and who will become your companions for the journey.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Finally, we received a gameplay trailer for “Ghostwire: Tokyo” which seems to be a first-person action game where you use magical signs (witcher style) to banish ghosts inspired by Japanese folklore and urban legends.


Sony also showed a gameplay trailer of the previously teased Godfall. Published by Gearbox this will be a very colorful action RPG – it looks fast-paced, vibrant, and very much focused on loot and character progression based on said loot. New armor and weapons were shown to be a big part of the gameplay loop, but we still do not have a lot to go on.


The conclusion of the new HITMAN trilogy was also shown at the show. A short gameplay and a cinematic trailer demonstrated what seems to be more of the same stuff we all loved about the new games, but more grand and complex!

Little Devil Inside

A game that was announced long ago and was collecting money on Kickstarter back in 2015. Now it was announced to come also to the PS5 and showcased a new trailer with more areas the play will be able to explore.

On the game’s website, the developers describe the game with a simple but alluring pitch “experience a world filled with atmospheric contrasts, embark on hostile missions and journeys that challenge your survival instincts and the choices you make”.

Demon’s Souls

There are no introductions needed for this game. It is an “ancient classic” that many, including myself, had missed on in the “Soul” genre and is now being remastered by BluPoint who are the studio that brought us the amazing remake of “Shadow of the Colossus” – this means the game is in good hands.

Resident Evil 8: Village

This was an unexpected surprise, at least for me. Resident Evil 8: Village is a continuation of the interesting and terrifying formula of the first-person survival horror from resident evil 7.

This time including some familiar face and new horrifying and intriguing characters!

Horizon Forbidden West

As a huge fan of Guerrilla Games, I could not be happier to see the return of this great new IP that they released last year. The world of Horizon is incredibly original and the concept behind it never gets old.

From the trailer, it appears that this time the threat is even grander and covers a greater chunk of the world… and there will be under-water exploration – how cool is that going to be!

Next-generation begins – prepare your wallets!