Alex Birlo on August 4, 2020

Fortnite Cars Update is Here!

For the longest time players were asking the developers to add actual drivable cars into to the game. And while the game does have other vehicles such as boats and helicopters it is not the same.

The update titled “Joy Ride” will be releasing tomorrow on the 5th of August 2020 and will be adding a host of different cars that will drastically change how the game will be played.

From what is known, there will be several different vehicles which will potentially drive in slightly different ways.

Amongst other interesting information about the update, from what was data-mined from the game files, it seems like the vehicles will require fuel as a collectable resource in order to keep running.

In addition, there were some icons and canister items discovered in the game files as well.

People also were preparing for the update by marking out the location of gas stations on the map, expecting it to be possible to refuel cars at these spots.

In any case, the long awaited update will be releasing tomorrow. So soon enough we all will find out which speculations about the update turn out true.