Alex Birlo on August 8, 2020

WriteGaming News: TennoCon, Marvel’s Avenges Spider-Man Exclusivity

This week was packed with interesting new info and it took a while to go through everything, so let us get right to it!


The week began with the annual convention that is held for the enormously successful free to play coop game “Warframe”.

Though this year, due to the pandemic, the event was held online and still to a great success.

During this TennoCon the developers announced a big update coming to the game on August 25th called “Heart of Deimos”.


The biggest addition in this update is a new open world location, which will be the third in the game since Digital Extremes decided release Plains of Eidolon.

This open world will occupy one of the moons of Mars called “Deimos” and will be themed after the “Infested” faction in the game.

The Infested are essentially a “parasitic zombie” faction in the game which spreads onto everything it can reach.

The new open world region will be a giant fleshy jungle on the surface with deep underground cave system which.

Players will be able to make runs into these caves and the deeper they go the higher are the rewards and difficulty.

The day and night cycle is also with a twist.

Instead of a standard Sun and moon Deimos has two giant worms that kill each other and regenerate when the cycle changes.

When the blood of these worms covers Deimos it causes different behaviors amongst the infested units on the surface.

The update adds a great plethora of new infested enemy units. From the giant worms to new variants of heavy units.

There will be a new faction and a quest related to the Entrati Family which created the “Heart” that is fueling the source of the Tennos’ power.

New Features

Amongst the most notable new features added to the game, players will now be able to always access the infested room in their orbiter (not only when the warframe is infected).

And in that room there will be a “mouth” called the “Helminth” to which the player can feed resources and acquire powerful upgrades to their abilities.

Another function of the Helminth is that if it consumes an entire warframe, you can then transfer its signature ability onto a different warframe and create your own hybrid.

New Warframe – Xaku

DE also finally showed the world the final product of the community’s efforts – the new “broken” warframe called Xaku.

Some time ago the developers made an inquiry where the community was suggesting concepts for a new warframe and when a concept was chosen, the developers together with a community artist worked on bringing this warfarame into the game.

Spiderman Exclusivity Outrage

One of the loudest stories this week was the whole debacle revolving around the Marvel’s Avengers game and the addition of Spider-Man.

The official PlayStation Tweeter account announced that “Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” will be joining the crew in the game as a post-launch character.

The only catch is that Spider-Man will be available only to PlayStation players.

SONY and Marvel had a very difficult relationship for a while now when it comes to everyone’s beloved web-slinger.

Since SONY practically owns the character Marvel had a hard time negotiating deals for movies starring the character.

While video games with the character of Spider-Man were produced ONLY for the PlayStation in recent memory.

This time SONY yet again flexes their ownership of the character by allowing the developers to create the entire character but include him only in the PlayStation version despite the game being a multi-platform project.

Of course this entire thing got everyone railed up and an outrage followed the announcement.

Players are obviously upset and yet again raise the moral and ethical side of how SONY acts in everything regarding the beloved comic book character.

Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that anything will change this situation, since the law is on the side of SONY and since the character is so popular, as a business, they will never let go of him.

SONY PlayStation – State of Play August 2020

Last week SONY hosted a smaller online showcase of State of Play. Where they focused on third party games and the smaller titles still coming to the PS4, PS VR and some more on what comes to the PS5.

Here is a quick overview of the more prominent games that were at the presentation:

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

The presentation was opened with deep look at the new game in the franchise.

The game is a direct sequel to “Crash Bandicoot: Warped”.

Here, the villains Neo Cortex and Dr. Entropy escape their interdimensional rift where they were imprisoned and now they are set on conquering not only their dimension but also all the others.

Hitman 3

Then we saw a short new look at the next Hitman game, where IOI showed us a gameplay segment announcing that the entire “World of Assassination” trilogy will now have PlayStation VR support.

The Pathless

This is an amazing looking third person, open world, adventure game about the journey of a huntress and her eagle as they are trying to rid their world of manifestations of darkness.

Spelunky 2

Next up we had a word from the creator of “Spelunky” and finally saw some extensive gameplay footage.

The developers made sure that fans loved about the previous game will still be present but with new editions that expand and add variation to the experience.

Genshin Impact

Next was a very interesting game, often called a clone of “Breath of the Wild”, called “Genshin Impact” is a game developed by the great guys at miHoYo, the creators of “Honkai Impact”.

It is an open world RPG, the extremely lavish art style that is sure to satisfy any anime lover.

It is set in the magical world of Teyvat, where the players come as a “traveler of unknown origin” searching for their lost sibling.

Aeon Must Die

Is another anime inspired game that was demonstrated at the show.

“The ruthless, grim but colorful world looks and feels like that ridiculous action-packed anime VHS tape your parents heavily disapproved of” is how it is described on the official website of the game.

It is a “beat-em-up” with an innovative game system that constantly keeps you thinking and pushes you to be creative with how you approach every encounter.

Vader Immortal

In another short trailer it was announced that the Star Wars VR series called “Vader Immortal” is coming to the PlayStation VR as well.

Control: Awe

“Awe” is the second DLC expansion for the hit game “Control” from Remedy Entertainment.

Details on the content of the DLC are shady and full of speculations.

From in-game documentation it is suggested that Control shares the same universe as Remedy’s previous mystery game “Alan Wake” as he is mentioned in several documents.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

“Hood” is an ambitious new take on the PvPvE genre.

The game is set in a dark medieval world, where the people are oppressed by their rulers and the rich.

In it, rivaling gangs of outlaws and rebels are competing against each other to execute heists and take riches and power from the ruling caste.

In this game, two teams of outlaws will be racing each other to storm fortified NPC castles and various other locations, and still the treasures that lie within.


Last but not least, we had a deeper look at “Godfall” a combat focused “looter-slasher” developed by “Counterplay Games”.

The game is set in a high fantasy world, which is split into elemental realms: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

You play as a Valorian knight, a godlike warrior able to wear “Valor plates” which are special armor sets that change the way your character plays.

Your goal is to challenge a mad god that awaits you at the end.

The developers explicitly stated that all the loot in the game is unlocked only through game play. And that all content will be available in the game from the beginning – no microtransactions and now waiting for content drops.

The philosophy behind the combat, as the developers had stated, is to be aggressive and control the battlefield. The game is intended to be fluid and reward the player for prioritizing offense over defense.