Alex Birlo on August 10, 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 – Night City Wire Ep. 2

On Monday the 10th of August CD Project Red had the second episode in their series of livestreams called “Night City Wire”, and shared many new details about the highly anticipated “Cyberpunk 2077”.

In this episode they covered more details about life paths, different weapon types you can use in the game and more gameplay.

The presentation began with 3 short trailers each showcased one of the 3 life paths you will be able to choose from in the beginning of the game.

With developer later explaining how each life path would affect your playthrough of a previously demonstrated mission where the player had to steel a military drone from the Maelstrom Gang.

Street Kid – A person that grew up on the streets of Night City and knows their way around street gangs, their slang and is well versed in the way business is done amongst street gangs.

One new bit of information is that it seems like the Street Kid background will have the players already be acquainted with one of the fixers in Night City named Padre.

Fixers will be the people who have networks of contacts and will provide the players with jobs. And Padre is the fixer that operates in Haywood.

In the Maelstrom Gang scenario, the Street Kid would be able to act naturally during the deal with the leader of the gang and seem more “trustworthy”.

Nomad – A person who is hungry for freedom, who was raised in the desolate desert around Night City called the “Badlands”. These are hardened and loyal people who have only their family and the car they drive through the desert.

In the Maelstrom Gang scenario, the Nomad would not be able to discern what the corpos what out of him breaking and taking the drone. But a Nomad would know how possibly a gang could get their hands on military grade technology.

Corpo – A person who lived the life of the higher ups in Night City, someone who had to walk over corpses to climb the food chain of the corporate world and be part of the shady dealings that keep the city going.

As a Corpo, players will have a past in the enormous Arasaka Corporation. This will allow the players to read between the lines when doing business in the game. Everyone always has an additional motive and in the cutthroat corporate environment you know that better than anyone.

In the Maelstrom Gang scenario, when ambushed and interrogated by the corpos… a Corpo player would be able to discern what are their motivations and adjust the conversation and dialogue options accordingly.

Also, during the interview, the developers confirmed that the Badlands are not merely a starting are for the Nomad backstory, but is a fully playable, enormous area surrounding the city and can be visited at will!

Then they talked about how they created the Samurai band in the game.

The Samurai is an in-game music band which Johnny silver-hand was a part of. The real voices and minds behind the popular Samurai band in Night City are the Refused band who were chosen to come up with all the songs of the group and preform them for the game.

Songs by the “Samurai” band are actually available for purchase on all music streaming platforms.

After this segment they showcased a new trailer that demonstrated all the weapon classes in the game.

In this trailer a woman named Wakako Okada – possibly another fixer in Night City – offers a job to the protagonist.

All whilst in the background we see V arming up for said job and showing several weapons in his arsenal representing the various weapon types.

Tech Weapons – these are a special class of weapons that use electromagnetic mechanisms to propel projectiles at enormous speeds, allowing the players to shoot through walls and different types of cover.

Power Weapons – are a weapon type most similar to modern weaponry, simple crude and powerful. These weapons are heavy and have the capacity to ricochet enabling the player to hit inaccessible opponents by adjusting the trajectory of the bullets.

Smart Weapons – are the most futuristic of the firearms. They are equipped with guided projectile systems allowing them to shoot bullets that lock onto enemies and change trajectory to chase down their targets.

Melee Weapons – are quite self-explanatory. Amongst them we could see some bats and sledgehammers besides the famous futuristic Katana we seen previously.

Cyberware – this class includes all body modifications the players can equip themselves with, such as the Mantis Blades that unfold from within the arms, the Gorilla Arms that grant the player inhumane strength or the nanowire that was showcased in a previous gameplay.

In the next interview segments they explained the two types of modifications you can have for weapons – Attachments and Software.

Attachments are the visible part of your weapon’s customization. These are scopes, barrel attachments, clip mods etc.

Software are internal modifications in the form of chips that are installed for the weapon. These can increase the qualities of the weapon such as damage, fire rate, accuracy and much more.

At the end of the presentation they announced that all who wishes to find out more about the lore of the game world can purchase “The World of Cyberpunk 2077”.

It is an encyclopedia of sorts, created by CD Project Red in collaboration with Dark Horse Books, detailing much of the lore and locations that will be in the game. And should provide a great read while we all wait for the game to be released on November 19th 2020.