Alex Birlo on August 11, 2020

Spelunky 2

Recently during state of play we got a major update on the upcoming game Spelunky 2.

The developers made sure that fans loved about the previous game will still be present but with new editions that expand and add variation to the experience.

For starters, the game will now have online multiplayer as well. Unlike in the previous game that had only local co-op.

A new feature of the game is the expanded hub area, where the players will accumulate their shortcuts and characters they rescued throughout their journey, creating a nice little underground community.

The cave system was also expanded upon.

Now there are many new ways to interact with objects in each area and there will be branching paths going out of ach level that the players will have to choose from, further enhancing the random variables at play.

The developers also explained that as shops were a vital part of the experience and the various ways you could interact with them led to hilarious outcomes, it was inevitable that this part of the game will be expanded too.

They decided to add many more variants to the shops and ways to interact with them and the new characters that come with them

The game is set to release on September 12, 2020 first for the PlayStation 4 and later on Steam as well.