Alex Birlo on August 14, 2020


“Godfall” a combat focused “looter-slasher” developed by “Counterplay Games”.

The game is set in a high fantasy world, which is split into elemental realms: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

You play as a Valorian knight, a godlike warrior able to wear “Valor plates” which are special armor sets that change the way your character plays.

Your goal is to challenge a mad god that awaits you at the end.

The developers explicitly stated that all the loot in the game is unlocked only through game play. And that all content will be available in the game from the beginning – no microtransactions and now waiting for content drops.

The philosophy behind the combat, as the developers had stated, is to be aggressive and control the battlefield. The game is intended to be fluid and reward the player for prioritizing offence over defense.

There are five weapon classes:

The longsword

The dual blades

The polearm

The two-handed warhammer

The two-handed great sword

Each of the weapon classes will have their own unique playstyle associated with them and a great many variations.

Stats and upgrade systems are also a core part of the progression in the game.

The player will also have a folding shield throughout the entire game, which can be used in combat for both offensive combos and defensive counter attacks and blocking.

The game comes out for the PlayStation 5 and PC on Epic Games Store Holiday 2020.