Alex Birlo on October 13, 2020

Write Gaming News: PS Store Removal from PC, PS5 Teardown, Ghost of Tsushima 1.1

This week we will talk about the rumored, possible SONY’s plans to remove the PS Store from PC and Mobile, quickly summarize the PlayStation 5 Teardown video SONY posted last week and the release date and features of the upcoming free 1.1 update for Ghost of Tsushima.

PS Store to be removed from PC and Mobile

Last week on Friday, Games Radar released an article that translates the information originally posted on the French website “Planete Vita”.

As was stated in the article, apparently SONY began communication with developers in regards to an upcoming update to the PS Store.

The update reportedly will remove the possibility to buy games, aps, avatars and themes for the older consoles through mobile or browser.

That means that you will not be able to make any digital purchases for the PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PSP, through your browser or mobile app.

Though the original report did not state anything about the PS Store on consoles. Which leads many to believe that even if this report turns out true, you will still be able to buy everything through the consoles PS Store directly.

I think it would be completely nonsensical for SONY to suddenly discontinue all digital sales support for their previous consoles that goes through browsers and the phone app. Well… maybe not for the PSP and Vita.

So indeed, if this information reflects the reality of SONY’s plans for the PS5 era, then we at least will be able to buy the games directly from the consoles.

This report from “Planete Vita” is interesting, but this decision by SONY is out of the blue really…

Why on earth would they want to limit exposure so drastically, when all it will do is hurt sales?

Back in the day they went to such lengths to advertise and establish a system where you can buy a PlayStation game from anywhere and set you console to download the game by the time you get back home to play it.

And now they are “reportedly” planning to remove it?

Obviously almost all the digital sales are made directly through the console’s PS Store, but not having it out there on the web seems illogical to me.

Which leads me to think that this report will either turn out to be a false alarm, or the information was very unclear and misunderstood.

Some sort of major update might very well be in the works, but it will probably be some sort of rearrangement towards the release of the PlayStation 5.

So far, I would recommend to simply treat this information as a rumor and nothing more.

PlayStation 5 Teardown

Last week we got quite the entertaining video from SONY, called “PS5 Teardown”.

In it we have Yasuhiro Ootori, the VP of the Mechanical Design Department, the Hardware Design Division, who unscrews and completely breaks down the entire console, down to its every part.

The video is as entertaining to watch as any “tech disassembling” video is, but it also covers the exact components of the console, somethings we already knew and some new stuff that is helpful to know for day to day maintenance of your future PS5.

First of all, let me address one personal revelation – this console… is ginormous!

We all read the specs and dimensions a million times before, but nothing compares to when you see it standing on a table next to a real person.

As a reminder, it is 390mm tall, 55mm deep and 295mm wide. Whereas the original version of the PS4 was 288mm tall, 39mm deep and 265mm wide.

I had a place prepared for it in my home, but now apparently it will not fit…

Next are thing we already known, like the fact that at the front we have a USB Type-A hi-Speed USB port and a USB Type-C SuperSpeed USB of 10Gbps port.

On the back we have two more USB Type-As but SuperSpeed of 10Gb, a LAN port of course and an HDMI out port.

What I love about the new PS5 is that thanks to the, quite substantial, size increase we are at least rewarded with an extensive ventilation system that will prevent overheating and vent noise.

While the disc drive is covered with a metal sheet and two isolation layers, substantially reducing noise and vibration when the disc spins.

The platform the console can be placed upon, will be attached with a simple screw, that when removed can be store in a special slot in the bottom of the platform, with a cap to close the screw hole in the console itself.

No longer will you need a special screwdriver in order to deal with Torx security screws, to open the console and clean it – as it was with the PS4.

Now, both of the panels on the sides of the console can be removed by hand and then slotted back into place. When opened they do not expose the sensitive parts, only the fan, which prevents the user from accidentally damaging the console.

Along with the fan it will expose a set of “dust-catchers”, holes through which you can simply vacuum whatever accumulated inside the console and is away from the fan.

It is great to see that SONY listened to the feedback and this time they eliminated almost all the biggest inconveniences we had with the previous console, and made the maintenance really user friendly.

Ghost of Tsushima 1.1 update

Last week we got a trailer for the upcoming free update for Ghost of Tsushima. In the trailer we finally got a concrete list of features shipping in 1.1 and the release date!

The update itself will be released this Friday, the 16th of October.

The features that are added in this update can be split into two categories: single player quality of life and features; and the new “Legends” cooperative mode features.

Starting quickly with the single player.

As the type of person who always has to have the perfect combination of gear for every type of situation, I really lacked the ability to create gear presets.

Now they are adding the ability to create custom gear loadouts. Enabling you to create a complete preset with not only functional gear parts, but also the cosmetics you apply and the charms that go best with them for the best stats.

Another thing we all knew they had to add sooner or later is the “New Game+” mode. It allows you to replay the entire game again, while retaining all your gear and skills from the first playthrough.

In new game+ you will have the option to choose a new horse, find a new mysterious merchant that sells new dyes for armor customization, and new powerful rare charms with crazy effects.

Now to the juicy part – “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends”.

“Legends” will include two modes: 4-player survival missions, and 2-player story missions and a post-launch raid coming later!

In this mode players will choose out of 4 unique classes.

And while all of them will have access to a sword, a bow and secondary gadgets, they all have a unique aptitude towards their weapons. Along with unique skills that define their role in the team and cosmetics that set them apart from each other.

Two other things that I have noticed from the trailer is that, first – apparently the classes’ gear will also have rarity, which means there is replay value for the mode, as you try to attain the best gear loadout for your character.

And second – the classes will have levels which you have to reach by collecting XP, and then gain points to unlock techniques etc.


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