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Gaming Stories

Alex Birlo at 1:07 pm

“Death Stranding” Review

First thing, there are no story spoilers here, I discuss only mechanics and concepts. This review will be split into several topics, the biggest of which are: Story, World, and Gameplay. Also, you must understand that this game is a thing you can fully understand only if you play it yourself. This game is based […]


Alex Birlo at 3:26 pm

Pokemon GO and 4 Million Dollars

Back when Niantic released Pokemon GO in 2016, various news sources were chuck-full of stories about players trespassing on private property in order to catch a rare pokemon or ones that made weird discoveries – like a dead body in a river – while playing Pokemon GO. Today’s story lasted for 3 years, all the […]


Alex Birlo at 8:03 am

The Order 1886 a Re-Review

Back in 2015, we saw the release of a game called “The Order 1886”. It checked all the boxes as a SONY PlayStation 4 exclusive: hype built up, high quality, talented developers. But it did not do as well as expected. The game received mixed reviews, a 63 on Metacritic and a controversial reception from […]


Alex Birlo at 6:54 am

Crunch in the Video Game Industry

What is Crunch? In the video game industry, this term refers to times when developers are working extra and overtime hours to reach milestones in the production process of a game or to manage to hit that very important release window stated by the higher management. Crunch crunch crunch Crunch often entails unpaid weekends and […]


Alex Birlo at 4:29 pm

President Trump Blamed Videogames for the Recent Mass Shootings

Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America had recently spoken about the Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas shootings and in his speech said – as he likes to phrase things –  that “grisly videogames” are glorifying violence across the nation… Essentially it is the conversation to which politicians were returning time […]


Alex Birlo at 8:04 am

Unskippable Advertisements in NBA 2K19

Several days ago a user on the NBA 2K subreddit had posted a screenshot that has since sent waves across the internet, sparked conversations and rants regarding the advertisements that show up in the new NBA 2K19. Apparently, there is no way skip them and the matches do not begin until the ad finishes. What […]


Alex Birlo at 7:27 am

“Community Management Mismanaged”

Kids, gather around the campfire I would like to bring up a discussion about how community management is functioning currently. And let me say that there is a definite problem with it, but not a universal one. While you read this article you will begin to connect the dots to various personal or wide known […]


Alex Birlo at 6:55 am

“Single-Player is Important Heritage”

As I grow “old and grumpy” Yes, it is this topic again. By now hearing someone who talks about ‘single-player is the true way of playing games and it is better than all those multi-player games kids play nowadays’ is like hearing your grandpa yell from the front porch about how it was better before […]


Alex Birlo at 9:22 pm

“Gamers as the Most Conscious Customers to Date”

The hypothesis This time around I would like to share a hypothesis with you “Gamers are some of the most conscious customers in the world”. It struck me not long ago when I was trying to explain to someone – who is not a gamer – how gamers are different from customers in other industries. […]