Alex Birlo on August 10, 2020

The Pathless

Here we take a loot at all we know about this stylish game.

This is an amazing looking third person, open world, adventure game about the journey of a huntress and her eagle as they are trying to rid their world of manifestations of darkness.

The game leans heavily on a fluid movement system in which the player has to use the huntress bow to shoot talismans scattered around the world.

These talismans fill up her dash meter which allows her to leap across the game world with grace and fluidity, while continuously shooting more talismans for a constant speed boost.

The developers made the shooting in the game “timing based” as opposed to aiming down sights because then it would hinder the fluidity and beauty of the movement in the game.

The player locks onto a target and when drawing the bow has to time the shot just right to hit the target.

The eagle is the player’s trusted companion and a helpful partner throughout the journey.

The eagle becomes a natural extension of the movement system as the huntress can grab onto the eagle, while dashing across the game world and preforming acrobatic maneuvers, at any time in order to glide over obstacles or reach high places.

The developers wanted to emphasize the bond between the huntress and her eagle and to present him not as a tool but a friend.

Thus the players should take good care of the eagle throughout the adventure. You can pet and clean the eagle to keep him in good shape.

One other interesting aspect of the game is that unlike other open world games – there is no map in The Pathless.

Instead of a map, the player will be using a special mask that allows them to see into the spirit world.

Players will have to naturally climb to higher spots to see as much of the landscape as they can and buy using the mask they will see energies in the spirit world that engulf the “real world”.

Based on the color of said energies, the players will see where they have already been to, what is yet unexplored and which areas of the world are still corrupted by the forces of darkness.

The game will also feature grand boss battles with “Cursed Spirits”.

These spirits occupy certain location in the world and will be a constant threat to the player.

As cursed spirits patrol the open world they cause storms of dark energy around them, which will separate the player from their eagle.

At first the player will have to avoid being detected by them, and only when the player returns light to the local obelisks will spirit become vulnerable to face off against. The game releases holiday 2020 for the PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store.