Alex Birlo on March 20, 2021

SONY Revealed their Next-Gen VR Controller

This time we are going to take a look at the next generation PlayStation VR controller that was revealed.

PlayStation VR 2

Last month SONY posted on their official blog revealing out of nowhere the fact that they are working on a next-gen VR set to go with the PS5, but had nothing really to show.

They spoke about how it is going to be better than the one released four years ago in every way imaginable. How it is going to be more easily connected to the console via a single cable, how it is going to have better tracking, resolution and field of view.

But that was it, and may be this awkward announcement would have been totally forgotten – just as it flew under the radar for most people – if not for the surprise reveal of the form factor and functions of the controllers that will go with the next-gen VR headset.

Form Factor

Starting with the design of the controller, we have the two controllers following the shape of an “orb” as they say.

These two have a tracking ring just like all the other VR controllers, but here it is at the base of the controller and is located in such a way that it still does not restrict your freedom of movement.

Each has an analog stick, while the left one has the (L1), (L2), triangle, square and Create buttons.

The right has obviously the remaining (R1), (R2), cross, circle and Options buttons.

One other thing I found interesting is that the default color seems to be “black”.

Which leads me to believe that the headset is probably going to be black as well, thus creating a design contrast with the mostly white PS5 console.


Looking at the list of features presented in the blog post, we can see that this controller will be quite the competition to all the rival VR controllers in the market, all thanks to it incorporating key features from the new DualSense controller.

The Trigger Buttons (L2) and (R2) are going to have the adaptive trigger technology SONY introduced in their new controllers.

This is a step-up when it comes to the immersion in VR games, adding new sensations of touch to the experience.

Next we have the Haptic Feedback feature implemented as well.

When we hear this you can be sure it is a buzz word to make it sound cooler and sell.

Because anything with some kind of vibration motor in it – has haptic feedback. SONY’s innovation is in the execution.

Instead of the usual rumble motor with an offset metal peace that had lag and would provide vibration mostly just on one side of the controller, the DualSense uses voice coil actuators.

Since I am not an engineer I can only explain that it is a vibration technology that is so accurate that it was developed first for speakers – it is so precise that it can even replicate sound.

And this is why this haptic feedback technology is actually a big deal and is a thing we absolutely needed in VR to increase immersion.

But not only does the controller appear to be making a breakthrough in VR controller functionality it also includes other, already existing, technological developments in the industry.

For example, the controller will have finger touch detection. With means that it can detect the placement of your thumb, index and middle fingers without you applying any pressure in the spots where you put them.

Also, they actually confirmed a feature of the headset through talking about the controller itself.

They said that the tracking rings, I mentioned earlier, will be used by the headset to track the relative position of the controllers.

Which might also hopefully hint at the fact that the tracking of the headset itself will be better than it was with the PlayStation camera of the original headset.


All in all, it is going to be a VR controller that prompts the competition to start innovating just as the DualSense stood out amongst the regular console controllers.

SONY done good again this generation and I cannot wait for the great new things that await us this console generation, with all the companies bringing their A-game to the table and us gamers benefiting from all of that goodness.


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